WPC : It Is Easy Being Green… in Romblon, Tropical Philippines

DSC06661 (4)

Romblon, Philippines


Poetry Challenge 2017 #6 – Ninefold style : Home

cool tears have flowed from her chinky eyes
passing every second was piercing
firmly grasping the sarcophagus

my thoughts knocked and sympathy walked in
the reason behind the ill-timed grief
my own tears dropped and flowed down my cheek

her sadness i felt, my heart in pain
illness got her mother so early
her soul depart to heaven, her home


Weekly Photo Challenge: Water


Some constituents of sea water influence the shade of blue of the sea. The deeper the depth, the bluer the water. You can see here two hues of blue. The far side is bluer than the near side. This Camotes Island beach shows the intrinsic property of water which is caused by the selective absorption and the scattering of white light.

5 Habits of Happy People

Find your habits here, Happy people…..!


FullSizeRender-1“Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy.” ~Dr. Robert Anthony

1. Spend money on experience, not things
Happy people tend to spend money on experience more than on things. Of course, there are daily necessities that we need in order to function. But, at the end of the day, it is the quality of our moments that bring us the most joy. If we focus on the next “thing,” a new sport jacket, a designer handbag or a nicer car, we are likely to fall prey to the vicious cycle of not being satisfied with what we have.

2. Don’t neglect the basics
People who are happy tend to manage the basics of self-care better than people who are unhappy. From a behavioral perspective, if a person is not tending to the basics (staying active, eating healthy, making time for self-care, etc.), how can they possibly reap the benefits that a person who is…

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In Your Arms


if i turn my back from you
and set my sight away
displeasure as the field of view
take the mood of a bitter day

if i go there on the hill
and alienate myself
is it against your will
if i say goodbye, farewell

but as i touch the local color
of breaking off the knot
it’s you  i see in every corner
i wont let the feelings to rot

i have to be in touch again
with you, my love i still remain
‘though i’ve sang  my  farewell song
in your arms i’m back where i belong


“I saw the plane that crashed into the restaurant” – ( Davao City, Mati City, Davao Oriental, Philippines )

I am reblogging this under a new title with some small edits. This was published last year and I’m hoping that those who were not able to read have the chance to take their time on this article. Here it is.

the hut owner blog

08-25-14 Mati 099 (3)

The first time I saw this, I insisted to drop by. I was really curious about the airplane “crashing” into the roof of the establishment. Visitors passing will surely take a glimpse of this “come on” publicity stunt of this watering hole in Davao city, south of the Philippines.

I just came from a tour with a rented car and a driver, of the province of Davao Oriental, specifically the city of Mati. They have fine white sand beaches there comparable with the known ones today. It was a tiring but a very pleasant and enjoyable travel I had. Beautiful and green sceneries along the way were awesomely inviting. Spending a short time in every locale that I visited  was a temporary option as some need a little longer time to stay. And as such, I will be returning to Davao in the later hours of the afternoon.  All the…

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i’ve been digging my files and found this lovely poem….pls. read !

the hut owner blog

i am the honey of your sweet
i am the shadow of your night
i am the dreams of your sleep
i am the secret you can keep
you’ve been the lyrics of my song
you’ve been the boom of my gong
you’ve been the tune of my melody
you’ve been the pro against the contrary
so i will sing, and you will dance
and i will shot the arrow to your heart
and i will talk, and you will glance
and i will put the chances in your hands
and so the world will begin to smile
to speak the truth about your style
and so the stars will twinkle for a while
so you and i will live to love each other


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Among the Crowd

I can’t leave the world without me turning to ashes….. this is powerful !

ramir claude king



i dropped my face somewhere
among the crowd
i tried to look but gathered stares
until i cried

i overheard some silly talk
among the bevy of crowd
that i should have started my walk
exiting the burial ground

but i just couldn’t leave
without picking up the pieces
of lost facial belief
turning to porous ashes


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Why people don’t like poetry?

Why people tend to loose interests in Poetry. Find out why…

Business in Rhyme


This essay is inspired by some of the recent comments in this post. And it made me think: why  people really don’t like poetry? What is it that keeps them away from maybe not writing but from reading some really exquisite pieces by poets from all around the world?

The usual answer is something like “Poetry is boring”, “I don’t understand it”, “It’s waste of time”. So I wanted to explore this topic a bit further.

If we look more deeply around us, we can notice that people have very little time to appreciate art in general. This fast paced, consumer oriented society has trained us to want everything now and here. An instant satisfaction, an instant thrill, an instant experience: not allowing our biological system to perceive with all its senses; truly absorb our emotions and simply feel.

Life usually demands of us high level of practicality, logical and factual…

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am i ready


am i ready for a clash
to be fished again
from the sea of antiquity
to grieve and be the birthplace
of caustic tears and broken dreams
am i prepared for a combat
to defy and ward off the force
and stop the intensely amorous affair
and chill the advancing emotions
of falling in love again
i feel the footsteps
the sounds of my heart
and the echoes it reflects
the lingering traces of sound waves
that keep on repeating in my ears
can i block the passageway
to clear it with joyous emotions
whenever her shadow is  near
am i ready
am i prepared
to let go
and let the freedom wander
am i

Smiley Thumb Award

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To be a recipient of an award is a humble achievement. A  justification of all my undertakings in blogging.  It is a gesture of recognition and an inspiration as well.

Thanks to Chape Personal Trainer for this award. You can visit his site at https://chapeblog.wordpress.com and be convinced and locked in his kind of writing.

 I smile when I’m amused at something. When I ask favor or blessing, a smile always follow my request for aid. That agreeable facial appearance of being friendly knocks someone’s hardened heart to melt.

Funny people make me smile. Cracking a joke with them turns a smile into laughter breaking the ice to a beginning of friendship.

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Photography: Cobrador island (Naguso Island), Romblon, Philippines

DSC06573 (2)

This is only one of the white sand beaches of Cobrador island which is the farthest of the three smaller islands that comprise Romblon province. The municipality which consists of mainland Romblon  and the smaller islands of Alad, Logbon and Cobrador is situated along the coast of Romblon Bay. The white sand beaches are still to be tapped and fully developed to lure tourists to the island. There are no accommodations waiting to the would-be visitors but they can bring their tents as their overnight space to sleep. The island doesn’t offer much comfort to its visitors but its natural beauty is sufficient and enough to have a succession of visits in the future. Try coming to this serene island and be convinced what its beaches can offer and be ready to sacrifice comfort in exchange of privacy and peacefulness.


Guns and Roses


if these roses can whisper

to people of different ears

if seeds can listen awhile

this could carry tears and cheers


thorns could prick their skin

protruding from the stalks

but roses are all akin

various flags along the garden walks


beautiful buds now abloom

speaking softly to the stars

thoughts were read by the restless moon

concerned about the ongoing  wars


if all the guns will turn to lovely flowers

no bubble of hatred will burst as it poses

no braves and cowards would ever cower

when bombs and arrows  become  bouquet of roses…

“LOVE AND HATE CHALLENGE” – i am an invitee of OAPlascencia to do this challenge!

image credit : google + . . I love to write poetry while i eat love cooking while i sing love the beach while traveling love   the highway driving all the vehicles in front of me i enjoy catching … read more!

Source: “LOVE AND HATE CHALLENGE” – i am an invitee of OAPlascencia to do this challenge!

At A Distance…


image obscure and cryptic

corrupted copy of impression

cloudy light  casting back

 dim under the shadow


fixing thoughts of spent scenes

reminiscing hates and loves

tears sink in river beds

slowly float with the flow


never a perfect copy

reflection digging the past

when i stare outside the window

 at a distance myself recast


Sabtang,09-05-14 034

against the fury of the wrathful waves

rains that will dig the pit of our graves

wild winds venting anger unaltered course

assaulting the extremities of uneven shores


obstacles restraining full fatal access

controls done making the surge a mess

arresting the power of the wrecking carrier

walled by the strength of the unyielding barriers…

A Million Miles…

2013 - 1 (12)

I sit at the apex

at the edge of the world

 i see the vast expanse

of mountains, oceans and seas


Departing from this love affair

 she  chose and favored to be free

yesterday we were a pair

and now, there’s only me


As the days grow old

a fledgling has learned to fly

and away from her noble nest

she bid her last goodbye


and now i’m left alone

in this world of alienation

i feel i have already flown

a million miles away from home…

image credit : google+

Dragon Prince

image credit : google+


some Eons ago

there was a son of the dragon

little as he was

he always felt a baron


flying from tree to tree

he almost fell to the ground

alighting from an old oak tree

 docking at a leafless found


the vernal proud juvenile

 boasted  himself with annoying guts

just a little learning of everything

professed himself with his whimsical acts 


“oh, little dragon

you still have a lot to learn

don’t own the kingdom that easy

 who’ll inherit it is still unborn”


in his daily show of pride

of leaping from tree to tree

he landed at a branch old and dead

it broke

 the dumbness of the ground felt the catastrophe


broken braincase  and ribs

 tattered wings un-expansive

vertebrae were busted

all the joints cracked


now lying in his golden casket

quiet and breathless cadaver

his dream of becoming king

was just a smoke on the platter


 grievers far and wide

kings and queens of distant kingdoms

with their men they have arrived

to pay respect to the fallen prince


ten mountains of mourners

were seen at the burial lines

with horses and warriors

all carried flags and signs


let this be a lesson

to all braggadocio

don’t be so aggressive

a braggart of the show …




image credit : yahoo.com image

i don’t want to try

jumping from a multi-story building

’cause i know i will be

on the news the following morning


if i am  disoriented

in my thinking lately

shedding my precious blood

on the pavement isn’t bravery


an act of cowardice

in facing reality’s truth

i’ll not be rendered powerless

acting like a drugged youth


any other ways are taboo

under the laws of man and Heaven

i better not decide to pursue

’cause it’s unforgivable if i do…

The Lord, To Mold this Life

2014 - 1 (6)

Image credit: Google+

Tears only mist my eyes

They don’t  fall when i’m on strife

When I’m upset and sadness rise

Maybe I need a friend to touch my life


Emotions of the heart

They don’t  burst all at once

So I can let go of the tears to start

Flowing on the dance floor where i stand


I need keys for the heart and mind in doubt

As if my own self will brake apart

This nest i perch i wish to move out

I ask The Lord to mold this life from being scarred…




play things and games

running here and there

children with no names

faces and what they wear


joyful shouts, innocent laughter

thrill of pleasure and feel of fun

reckless acts, cheerful discharge of sweat

 felt  an endless rejoicing like heaven


gentle souls and blameless virgins

 stories unfolds waiting destiny

now it’s news  history’s emerging

innocence repulsed altered identity…


Backyard Prompts 2: Jackfruit

DSC05797 (2)

When my father was still alive, he had a penchant of planting fruit trees which he felt his family would enjoy the fruits as much as he did. He liked jackfruit and we also do. We love it. It is sweet, fleshy, and has a distinct aroma and smell. It is starchy and fibrous and a good source of  dietary fiber. At a distance,  we can’t notice that the fruits are ready for eating.  Not until we smell it. If it over ripes in the branch it falls off because it can no longer hold the weight of the fruit which has become soft at its base. Its average weight reaches 1 – 5 kilos per fruit depending on the size.

This is the ripened fruit which can be eaten as it is. It may also be an ingredient in local desserts, such as, halo-halo and banana turon,  or in sweet concoctions with shaved ice, as in, es campur, and es teler.

This is the ripe, sliced jackfruit.

Living with memories of my father and the jackfruit tree are sweet affairs from the past and thorny resemblances of our present life. No matter how ugly the fruit is, it is liked by many  because of its sweetness and excellent characteristics of the flesh. 

Large photo by: thehutowner
small photos by: Wikipedia



Chili Pepper

DSC05782 (2)

DSC05780 (2)

DSC05779 (2)

Once in a while, a random check of your backyard will yield a number of excellent post  materials which abound at the expanse behind your house. Flowers, trees, vegetables in pots, domesticated animals, old and antiquated objects or anything that catches your attention. They are good prompts for your writing.

As my health ebbed a little bit, I don’t want myself to languish and rot at the comfort of my room without doing something that would merit the enhancement of my posting. So, after eating my breakfast, I got my camera and started my walk  for a close encounter of the backyard. Taking pictures at anything I fancied as a good material for write-ups, musings, scoops, etc. was very rewarding as it further boosted my photography techniques. Here are some photos of  the hot chili pepper, the plant that puts fire on your tongue and tears in your eyes.





“I saw the plane that crashed into the restaurant” – ( Tour of Davao City, Mati City, Davao Oriental, Philippines )

08-25-14 Mati 099 (3)

The first time I saw this, I insisted to drop by. I was really curious about the airplane crashing into the roof of the establishment. Visitors passing will surely take a glimpse of this “come on” publicity stunt of this watering hole in Davao city, south of the Philippines.

I just came from a tour with a rented car and a driver in the province of Davao Oriental, specifically the city of Mati. They have fine white sand beaches there comparable with the known ones today. It was a tiring but a very pleasant and enjoyable travel I had. Beautiful and green sceneries along the way were awesomely inviting. Spending a short time in every locale that I visited  was a temporary option as some need a little longer time to stay. And as such, we will be returning to Davao in the later hours of the afternoon.  All the beautiful scenes were chewed and tourist spots were all photographed in my mind and with my camera.

It was raining then and roads were quite slippery. But it didn’t hamper our travel back to Davao where I was billeted at a downtown hotel. Arriving was a little bit too early as we passed on several sites worth seeing and an early dinner with my driver/tour guide. Our meal was spent here, at this airplane-struck establishment. As they claimed it, they have the best grilled pork chop in town. So, we ordered it with some other side dishes and drinks. Soon after, our one-for-the-road went sky-is-the-limit beer contest between us two. But my driver’s agency called and reminded him of the 12 MN delivery of the rented car.

I was red as a pepper. My face was like a made-up Japanese geisha doll. Red. That’s because I have some percentage of the Spanish blood running in my system. And that was it. He dropped me at my hotel and the rented car was safely delivered to the  rent-a-car agency.

Here are some photos of the travel.

08-25-14 Mati 104 (2)

The pilot of the plane hanging at the ceiling.

08-25-14 Mati 004 (3)

Palm-tree-lined  highway leading to Tagum City

08-25-14 Mati 013 (2)

The welcome arch at the national highway, Davao Oriental


08-25-14 Mati 029 (2)

The welcome Arch of Mati City


08-25-14 Mati 020 (2)

At Banaybanay, border of Davao Oriental and  Compostela Valley


08-25-14 Mati 060 (2)

 At the Subangan Provincial Museum, Davao Oriental


08-25-14 Mati 062 (2)

 08-25-14 Mati 058 (2)

 08-25-14 Mati 093 (2)

08-24-14 davao city 042 Statue of David, Davao City


08-24-14 davao city 053

 Japanese tunnel, Davao city  (with my driver/tour guide)

.08-25-14 Mati 048 (4)

White sand beach,  Mati, Davao Oriental