Being alone..

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To be alone in a house sometimes takes the better of one. No one’s bothering  and no one is there  to bother. Just a silent house for a silent soul. His  own private home. But, is it good for a person to be living all alone in solitude? It depends on the person, I guess. Who he is will somehow make a better or a bad mold for him in an atmosphere all by one’s lonesome.

There’s a wide space of self-searching and thought-pondering about matters of life, love, job, human relations and everyday happenings. There is freedom of movement wherein he can manage the whole abode in whatever way he wants without being criticized by others. Managing the home means a personal hand in everything. From food, electricity, water, telephone, and cable bills and other home amenities that make his life lighter and bearable through the years. That makes him a do-it-yourself man. But is there enjoyment in his kind of life? Sure. If he is the introvert type, and loves being alone at certain long periods of  times, then he sure gonna enjoy the atmosphere all by himself.  I’m sure he has his circle of select friends in his bundle to comfort, support, or ask for opinions, and help as his needs arises at the most unexpected times.

Can an extrovert survive this task of being alone for  long periods. Maybe, he can. But I think there will be a lot of mental anguish. Sadness will fill the house through the day. And to express this feelings, there will be complaints and laments that will be expected of him. If he can’t blend with the situation he will find ways to comfort himself and get out of the solitary confinement. He will drink with friends and get home late. Spend the night with someone else at a bar. See a movie. Bowl with friends. Most of his time will be spent outside of the house attending social gatherings. That’s because of his nature, being outgoing. And it is likely that there will be parties in his house frequently with friends, or he’s out for a swim with them.

Can he go astray? If he is not going  into drugs, living in privacy would make him upright and straightforward. If he is good looking he could be a best target of girls. And it’s not far of being lured into sex by them. Unless he is really that straight going man that can conquer any temptations of women and stay away from other destructive vices and bad influences then he can survive the ordeal of living all by himself.

Alone only emphasizes as being apart from the others but does not lead to unhappiness. It does not mean you are not contented with your life. Being alone can be enjoyed by everyone as long as you don’t go overboard with your freedom. Your independence does not isolate your activities from yourself as long as it is rightful, civil, moral.


                                                      “I am never less alone than when I am alone.”        –       James Howell






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  1. Your blog posts simply depicts what a wonderful person you are. It’s surprising to know more about you by reading each of your posts. Your heart and mind radiates in all of your writings.
    I hope more people can visit your blog. Good luck and God bless!

    -your niece

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    • being alone doesn’t mean my life is lonely which are two different things.Alone is to be one in number, only by yourself. Being Lonely is to be empty, vacant. You can be alone but not feeling the vacancy of your life. There’s someone who fills up the emptiness and I’m happy for that. There’s God.


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