I think this is really everyone’s story. Spending more time with our parents who’re now nearing to meeting with the Creator should be done by every son and daughter.Now that they’re old they need more love and care. more hugs and kisses and more attention than ever before. Do it before they retire from life.

Tony A. Smith


Did you know the first stop sign ever installed was installed in Detroit, Michigan way back in 1915? The first stop sign was a two foot by two foot square piece of metal with black letters on a white background. During that same year the first electric traffic signal was installed not far from there in Cleveland, Ohio. I guess it just kind of makes sense that stop signs and stop lights should first be installed in a place where cars were first mass-produced. This is not a post about stop signs and the history of stop lights. All I really wanted to do in the beginning here was to get you to think about stopping and putting your life on pause every now and then for the things that are important to you.

Sometimes we get so busy in our life when we get to be adults that we…

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