“They’re Cooking Me In A Vat”

 Tibiao 486 (4)


So many times I’ve been

subjected to ruin

they just kept coming

destroying my self esteem

although I have caught

sharp and flattened notes

those that weren’t brought

those buried in the moats


some have sung to me 

with flats and sharps

it mattered me not

they’ve killed me

with a shot


into my chest

the bullet pierced

into my heart

deep I feared


escaped I’ve done

help were gone

grab me, my life

my hand,  my strife


after me, they ran

stab my back,

“Kick the man!”

stepped on a  stone

in just a span

and captured me

here I am


the pillow dropped

and i got it back

in a minute there lies

back in the track


interrupted sleep

interrupted glib

again returned

to close my eyes


episode, another

they catch me again

a fire they built

a vat they filled

water deep to the knee

and leaves from a tree


a fire they built

a vat they filled

the water’s now hot

the water in the vat.

I wanted to shout that

“They’re cooking me in a vat”.


the sun has rise

the time is six

i heard some cries

nothing to fix

just another person

continuing his sleep

it’s just a DREAM.