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I wouldn’t say that the early settlers of Misamis, which were the Visayan people, drove away the original inhabitants of the place further to the mountains. Misamis has a  wide area and near the sea where the original inhabitants make fishing and a little of farming their way of  living. There’s no reason for them to vacate their own place in favor of the “invading” migrants. Although Misamis Oriental was the place that the early Visayan migrants live, still the area was large enough for the migrating population to inhabit and live side by side with them. The Visayans and other migrants coming from the northern parts of the country didn’t have arms with them to drive the original settlers  forcefully to the mountains of Bukidon.  Misamis was not a crowded place to settle and there’s still room for business for the original inhabitants and there’s more of life for them.  It might be that  the originals, could not compete with the enterprising migrants in business and trade with the other locals that some of them decided to try their luck in neighboring towns where the bulk of them settled in different areas of the mountains which were sparingly populated at that time or no settlers at all.

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“Bukidnon” came only in use when people from the lowlands  described them as  inhabitants coming from the mountains descending to nearby towns to buy food, goods and other things for their daily use. The town folks regarded them as “bukidnon”, folks from the mountain or living in the mountain.

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This is Dahilayan Forest Park, a beautiful resort at the top of a mountain where clouds kissing the pine trees and other vegetation are a common sight. Accommodation and food are great. And the most outstanding are the green sceneries of the surroundings.

Get a taxi from Cagayan de Oro city and go straight to Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon without wasting hours of picking up passengers when you take a bus. Don’t be ashamed bargaining with the driver. I took it for Php.1,500 bargained fare instead of Php 2,000, one way only because I had my accommodation reserved at Dahilayan.

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