when i opened the fridge

bottles of water i found

i opened the upper floor

the ice melted at the door


there are more spaces

of  air and vacancies

five months old candies

and some expiring goodies


when i opened myself

what did i find

blood,bones, intestines,

flesh, muscles, ligaments,

bile, lungs, liver, heart

gall bladder, and all that make a man


when you opened yourself to me

and the whole of you

what did i find

a beating heart  with my name engraved

a running blood  my  name  it spelled

a hearing ear that hears only me

a mouth that speaks the good of me

a tongue that taste the food you chew

a nose that breath the air that blew

the intestines and stomach that digest

the food you take upon request

the  summary of the whole  you

i am you and you are me

the whole of me is exactly you

the you in the mirror is me



7 thoughts on ““I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME”

    • I enjoyed reading your post and have thought that everyone has his own way of getting into life and reach his own destiny. In your case, you’re the one creating your own obstacles but came out neat and clean with little scratches in hands….want to read other posts and thanks for the (one) Like..


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