Lake Sebu Falls #1 & #2, South Cotabato, Philippines

 Koronadal, Surallah 004 (3)

Taken at Lake Sebu  Falls #1

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines

July 01, 2014

Koronadal, Surallah 028 (2)

Falls #2

Koronadal, Surallah 031 (2)

 The shot from a distance

“If we only take good care of nature, nature will take good care of us”

 I don’t know if somebody has quoted this line, but if someone did I would like to borrow it for now.

Being a solo traveler is a little bit risky, lonely, and expensive. You can’t borrow some things from anybody. It’s just your guide and you and  the only person you can talk to during the trek and in times of emergency. A discourse with other people is only possible when there are other visitors in the place. Your guide is your drinking buddy, your photographer, bodyguard,  security guard, and opinion maker. So, pay him accordingly and generously.



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