Two contrasting Beaches #1

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Taken at Coron, Palawan, Philippines

As a solo traveler, in this case, it could be expensive. Why? Because you pay for the whole ferry boat on your own and you have no one to share for the rent. I don’t want to wait for the other tourists to come for the rent sharing. It’s a waste of time. In this way I own my time. I can go anywhere I want and go back to the hotel anytime. No hassle and no disagreements.

This is one of the secret beaches in Coron, Palawan. See, I was enjoying solitary moments alone at the beach as if I owned it. No crowds, no nothing, a perfect cocoon to do some writings by myself.


This beach is carpeted by the coconut trees’ shadows where the white sands served as a wide canvass for the shadows to fall into. I took this photo at Mangodlong Rock Resort in Camotes islands, Cebu, Philippines during high noon so, shadows of the coconut tress were obviously sharp. After some picture takings, I ran and swam my heart’s delight  into the cool, clear, crisp waters.



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    • Yes, most of the time,95% of all my travels…you can find new friends, new experiences, new stories happening in my life in going solo…that’s one way of discovering one’s self far could I go solving things without help from others…all by myself….thank you for following and the Like, see you on my future posts..


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