Etiquette in Posting…..It’s Your Common Sense !

 example post from Facebook

This is Batanes, the land up north that will never run out of awesome and extraordinary scenes. In this island, everything you see is different from the usual, different from the ordinary. We usually see mountains that stand as an outcropping of a big land mass composed of small rocks covered by a carpet of loose land. In Batanes, mountains ascend to the heavens and display its boulders naked and sometimes dressed in green and brown with roads cutting thru its flesh dwindling downhill and up its peak. The rugged complexion of the out-reaching skin of hardened corals is usually wet by the cool and clear waters of the sea.



I’m not sure if this will help others, or ruin the author.

Posting on Facebook may be fun and entertaining. But it could be unamusing and unpleasant to many when it comes to posting tourist-attraction photos. Posts are sources of information and they should be done appropriately because some have made it as their  source of income.

Since there is no manual on how to use the Facebook, the viewers should use their mind instead and put themselves in the shoes of some who feel offended seeing posts  without the necessary description.

Images posted with incomplete description are irritatingly bad to those who anticipate and crave for beautiful pictures  that are perfectly described and captioned.  Majority of those are travelers and they can’t stand viewing pictures with incomplete delineation and captions. Moreover, those posts are  reflective of the owner’s  little know-how of their posts’ proper placement.

The most important and essential descriptions are : name of the subject in the photo and the place where the picture was photographed. Other particulars follow as, where it is being displayed, where it grows at the time the photo was taken and other whereabouts.

Yes, it’s fun and entertaining on the part of those who post photos just for the sake of  posting.  Leaving viewers to cast their skepticism about the photo will only create doubts if the one who posted it is the real owner who took the picture.With questions hanging in the viewers’ heads instead of giving admiration to the picture defeat the purpose of sharing enjoyment to FB followers.

For example, when you see a posted photo with a description like this, “See, the mountain is at my back!” nothing follows. Or, “This fruits are in abundance around the country”, nothing follows. It should have been preceded or followed with the name of the mountain and where it is located. The name of the fruits in abundance should have been named and where they could be found in that particular photo.  Yes, the viewers know those are fruits but, what kind of fruits are they? what is its name? where do they grow? This isn’t a guessing game. Viewers are entitled to the correct information about the photo because they are interested in the picture  posted and they might visit the place to see the tree bearing extra numerous fruits. To make it simple and easily remembered, loosely, give the “name and address” of the photo. This could suffice the image posted.

It’s very unprofessional seeing a post with that kind of lay-out.  When I started posting images I was also a careless “poster”. Posting left and right and leaving them like a vacant lot for sale. But I’ve learned a lot just by observing how to post with class and professionalism.

Additional information about the  posted photo makes the post a class way above the others. Ex. “This is an apple tree grown in the fields of (if you know the town, or city of) China . In one harvest, it could make 2 boxes of 2 doz per tree (just a wild guess, I have no knowledge about apple harvesting season).  Why not try visiting this apple plantation?”

Isn’t it nice to feel completely informed just in one glance? It adds more graphic scenes created in the minds of viewers.

If you forgot or if you haven’t jotted down important information of the place your guide has given you, consult the internet. I’m sure the information is there. If the internet doesn’t have it be sincere and brave in telling the truth that you forgot the name of the place.  Some viewers will provide the information of the images you posted. That will save your day.

I hope many of the posting netizens will be relieved? or feel guilty? revolting? about this post.  Please criticize moderately. Lack of Etiquette In Posting is just  a Failure to Use His Common Sense.



“These are all my collective opinions and observations regarding “unguarded” posts. Critics are free to criticize and throw this piece into the waste basket, but I’m also open to receive friendly criticisms and  rewards”.  

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  1. it is common sense, yet when no information is posted with a picture, it encourages readers to post a comment asking where/what/how/when etc. These comments are what makes a blog or website or FB page popular!

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