Two Contrasting Beaches #4



These two white sand beaches are on the same island of Guimaras in the Philippines. In fact they’re just an arms length with each other. The first two beach photos don’t boast of any rocky and hilly beach front. It is just plain white sands and a longer stretch of the beach area  that attracts more visitors.  Among its numerous guests that frequent the place are Koreans who come from the neighboring cities of Cebu and Iloilo, mostly students studying in these cities. Raymen and Alubihod beaches are their favorites.




In contrast, Villa Corazon beach resort offers a shorter length of a beach front but it’s more picturesque, romantic, and more expensive.  But you can enjoy your private moments with more intimacy than the other beaches nearby. Its expensive entrance fee is not  commensurate with its facilities which are nearing to be rated as fairly to poorly maintained because of its low visitor count. But all throughout your stay, it could be more meaningful and enjoyable  as you could imagine.

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    • Although they’re not highly rated as 5-star, 4-star or 3-star ratings the beach itself is a must. The white sands and the sprite-clear cool waters will surely take you to heaven. Thank you very much for the hugs.

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