The Battle…


lonely was the sky the other night

as I step out of the house it wasn’t so bright

I could see the only three twinkling stars

and the moon’s face was covered with scars


the clouds kept its place concealing the moon

widen its darkened space, the night didn’t bloom

but soon the westerly wind blew them far

and the clouds declared a tempestuous war


the wind got so mad after the war’s declaration

so it packed a mighty force as a timely reaction

against the clouds, now they’ve turned to black

ready to unload the rains as its weapon of  stock


now the rattled rain had poured heavy and thick

the wind had whipped the trees, the lakes, and the bricks

thinking these were armaments of war of the clouds

the winds destroyed these at the plains and mounts


the moon was quietly watching so were the stars

who would win the clash of the two Mighty’s ┬átug-of-war

two warring forces, who would reign supreme

as the king of destruction of the earth’s human being


lightnings were discharged, thunders have exploded

the brawl’s explosive expansion of heated air

rivers and lakes overflowed, paradise was devastated

the battle fiercely fought wasn’t really that fair.