Friendship…the Apology (with a scene like an advertisement)

Two Young Men Fighting Stock Photo - 5516378

a guy kicked his head

and he dropped on the floor

his nose as well was broken

his mouth and face were swollen

his eyes were beaten black and blue

his ears popped up red as pepper


he tried to stand

but he kicked his legs

now he’s down once more


he got hold of an umbrella

and used it as a cane

he swung hard and hit

a bottle of cold soda

it popped amazingly open

and  bursted the contents

into his mouth it suddenly fills

the refreshing taste of cola

three gulps were enough

to regain the strength lost

in the silly friendship fight


not only arms and legs

but sharp words were exchanged

shouts and condemnation

were thrown against


haaaiiiiaaah, huuuh, huuuh!

I could hear the anger

coming from each other

I could see the stabs and strokes

the “drunken master” style

and the “eagle’s claw”

but the hardest hit I saw

was the pleadings of “Sorry”

for the wrongs each has done

that each had to worry,

and this was what I’ve heard,

 “We’re still friends,

please accept

my deepest apology”



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