the night journey



i flew in the night

in the darkness of light

as free as the wide space 

in the corner of my mind

i was a soldier, once

uniformed in fatigue with guns

a hundred times i shot the enemies

with blank bullets, and the dummies


not yet so deep a sleep

scenes kept a-changing

i rolled to the left i became a witch

to the right  an old Italian priest

as stories  came to be  stitched

it became a mixed-up, everywhere

during the night the priest became a nun

i panicked firing my powerful gun


as i shot indiscriminately

i hit and wounded no one but me

in the head i was bleeding not with blood

 dark lava of tears came flowing like flood

the light was so bright and intense

with my hands i covered my eyes  as defense

flashes of lights came in a string

when my eyes opened it was a morning…


i stood up from my bed and then…