Gone!? Where are the pearls?

"Midnight Press"

Are you still looking for the pearls from Davao? Those that came from the Sulu seas? Those oysters that were shipped to Samal island coming from different places of the country were to be cultivated and let to mature into pink, white, and golden- colored pearls and  prepare them for processing after the harvest. Where are they now? And the farms?


After I checked in at Regency Inn Hotel in Davao city, I began my wandering moments walking around the city just to experience the best way to find out the whereabouts of city roads. Without losing the thought of buying pearls as my present when I come back from this trip, I wrote a message on a piece of paper which was actually my plane ticket, “pearls for mama and my sister”.

It was tiring going nowhere. I was like a satellite making an orbit around my hotel until I…

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the crossroad



deep is the well where the water dwells

water at the bottom, fire in hell

virginal and free flowing the underground spring

Satan’s hell of fire is devilishly burning


the well is cool, the hell has heated up

clear as crystal, power to scorch has popped

two opposing forces, what will triumph to live

Satan’s blazing hell or the Eden of Adam and Eve


the world is full of man’s earthly desires

to rebel against man or to love and inspire

one of two pathways  lead an upright life 

or the dishonest riches one has strive


glitters of good values light the road up to the end

fraudulent wealth are returnable the act hard to mend

water of the living well  is blessed to slay and extinguish

the smouldering pit on earth that man had not wished