The free flight to Heaven…



another frugal life just passed silently away

a fruitful life lived in so short a time

full of painful struggles to survived the days

with eyes open never gone so blind


a modest life lived in  unpretending way

managed to safely cross the heavy load of the day

at the bridge of hardships crossing the planks of the quay

into the resting land without some summons of repay


her withdrawn soul departed from the earthly body

into the air of smoke guided by the Almighty

 her sights are seeing all members of her family

whatever the time and  place for their  dear security


with caring sadness most people feel in their hearts

as she walks away leaving her virtues  she imparts 

she will be gone  but forever she’ll be the guide

to be upright, the Lord’s commandments they’ll abide


“Nang Imay, as you take the free flight to Heaven

acquiring a ticket you have taught  to your children

monetary involvement was not the price you tried

it was faith in the Lord that money can’t buy.”

Rest In Peace… Nang Imay