when you said, “Yes”.

(video from Foncois Bernard – Google+)


when you said Yes

my world has changed

from sadness, your lips was my menu

from boredom, sex toys became you

from innocence, you acted as the performer

from loneliness, your kiss was the starter


my world was like a wheel as it revolved around you

when you answered Yes, foods were not in the menu

the lonely breakfast turned to pork stew

sausage and fried eggs was lunch,

dinner was you


oh, how time’s change as your Yes was the energy

perking me up,  not anymore with love

shouts of arrows were piercing my heart

after me, china plates and frying pans have flew

now i always run two kilometers from you


but now my life’s no longer a mess

since you walked away with no reason to redress

energy was lost but home was organized and neat

cause no one was there you everyday beat



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