silence broke when the whole world shouted

it made them deaf nothing could be heard

reading each lips simultaneously defeated

each one has a story screamed but muted


actions were acted, body language were done

speeches were made, reactions were vacant

heads were turning and looking everywhere

what’s happening, to ask, answers nowhere 


everyone’s afraid of dying too early

their lives could be saved if death has mercy

plagues of sickness master of destruction

calling out the world for Ebola’s prevention


Painted Heaven



you painted me a dream

for last night i slept by the stream

where the flowing water was crisp and clear

and where lullabies were sung with aching tears


my bed was the fallen leaves of brown and golden

 from  maple trees some are young and some are olden

the flocking birds were singing when the sun has risen

mellow and soft it drove me to be near the mountain


smoke of dreams appeared on cloudy skies

painted heaven of blue  ground that dusts when it dries

young leaves of light greens, dark, red and yellow

was a perfect canvass to start with a brush to follow


when morning came to its surrendered destiny

apocalyptic glow of the scene was  a reality

cause the morning has shown the dusted slow agony

of a man pleading his death to be witnessed by a STORY