I don’t have any idea about exercising vaginas of women until I came across this material on MBG. I only know about weight lifting which involves muscle enhancing of the body including the arms, chest, abs, etc. But vaginal enhancing (?) shaping (?) I don’t have any whimsy ideas regarding that. I smiled reading this piece as there exists some kind of a humorous, caprice thing about that delicate part of the female body.

I’m lifting it ( not the body part ) from MBG not to make fun of it but to relay some important facts regarding, oohhhh, vaginas.

For women readers, please don’t feel awful about this. Please press that LIKE button and don’t be ashamed.


“As a holistic sex and relationship coach, I employ a host of different methods to improve people’s intimate lives. I’m currently on a global campaign to raise the awareness of vaginal superpowers.

This involves my traveling to different locales, and shooting images of objects indigenous to the regions, which I lift with my vagina. You can check out the whole series on Instagram, which I catalog using #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina.

Vaginal Kung Fu is a method I teach for women to physically and emotionally reconnect to their vaginas, so they become more in tune with their sexual energy.

It’s like yoga. For your vagina.

By inserting a jade egg into the vagina and attaching a string to it, I “lift” any number of things: tropical fruits, gluten-free organic donuts, cold-pressed juices.

This strengthens the pelvic floor far more effectively than regular Kegels, and gives women sexual confidence and power.

A strong pelvic floor and vagina can bring a myriad of benefits to your life. Including:

  1. Have more orgasms.
  2. Have better orgasms. By better I mean, mind-, body- and spirit-altering orgasms that are longer, deeper, more intense, and include the ability to ejaculate.
  3. Keep your internal organs (I.e. no pelvic organ prolapse).
  4. Have an easier childbirth and recover more quickly afterward.
  5. Up your libido. When the vagina is weak, it feels numb. Sex is infinitely more pleasurable with a sensitive and articulate vagina.
  6. Eliminate issues of urinary incontinence.
  7. Increase circulation in the vaginal canal and produce lubrication more easily (this is the main reason women do not lubricate profusely).
  8. Integrate your sexual energy into everything you do. When women are dissociated from their vaginas, they are also cut off from the natural and enlivening flow of their sexual energy. When the vagina is brought back to life, that vital, life-force energy is available to you to channel into all parts of your life.
  9. A natural facelift. When you strengthen and pull up the pelvic floor muscles, you create an energetic lift throughout the entire body, which even registers in the face. I have had clients stop using Botox after beginning their lifting practice.
  10. Be able to shoot ping pong balls. This is every woman’s God-given right.

These things are possible for every woman: ping pong tricks, multiple orgasms, ejaculate that shoots across the room, and insane, life-changing pleasure.

All you need is a strong vagina.”

Photos courtesy of the author

Kim Anami is a sex and relationship coach, writer and speaker. Her musings on love, life and sex have graced the pages of Playboy, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire and CNN. Explore her exquisite intimacy retreats, online salons and 1-on-1 offerings, at You can also find her onInstagram.