Sabtang,09-05-14 035 (2)

I had high hopes of making the flight to Batanes on the day hours after I arrived from the province but it didn’t materialize because it was  fully booked on that same day. I didn’t purchase a ticket  days before thinking that there were only a few tourists that would visit this northernmost island of the Philippines on that season.  I booked PAL for another flight but it was for the next day. It was a one way flight only because the number of days I will be spending there was still uncertain.The decision I’ve made of spending the night at the airport was not really an ideal choice but it served my purpose. I just didn’t mind the inconvenience of my sitting on a chair for longer hours in a place where people were converging all the time. But I have slept on my side with arms down occupying three chairs in a row alternating with the fetal position.  Sleeping on chairs kept me feel oppressive to others and as such I felt the oppression, too.

I have to admit that my sleep was not enough to support a day’s activity,but it was sufficient for an  hour and forty-five minutes flight to the island.

I’ll share with you some photos that lifted my heart with joy chewing the sceneries and the fresh air of the island.

Basco plaza,09-06-14 003

Basco, Batanes airport


NAIA, Batanes-09-2,3-2014 075 (2)

The hedgerow serving as fence for cattle and demarcation line of properties.

.Sabtang,09-05-14 093 (2)

Nakanmuan, Sabtang, Batanes


Sabtang,09-05-14 207

This highway is up the mountain going to Chavayan. The arch is newly built and its being  nameless confirms it.


Sabtang,09-05-14 145 (2)

Sabtang,09-05-14 056 (2)

NAIA, Batanes-09-2,3-2014 320 (2)

NAIA, Batanes-09-2,3-2014 306 (2)

This is the location  of a Dawn Zulueta-Richard Gomez movie.


NAIA, Batanes-09-2,3-2014 145 (2)

Mahatao Lighthouse, Batan Island, Batanes


Sabtang,09-05-14 123 (2)

Sabtang Lighthouse, Sabtang island, Batanes


Up in the air, Arrival in Batanes,Boulder beach, Tour of the island,Lighthouse,09-01-14 152

Mt. Iraya at the background.


Up in the air, Arrival in Batanes,Boulder beach, Tour of the island,Lighthouse,09-01-14 161 (2)

Basco, Batanes as seen from the Basco Lighthouse


Up in the air, Arrival in Batanes,Boulder beach, Tour of the island,Lighthouse,09-01-14 156

Church of Sto, Domingo de Basco, Basco, Batanes


Sabtang,09-05-14 184 (2)

At Barangay Chavayan, Sabtang island, Batanes


.Sabtang,09-05-14 127 (2)

The Batanes tricycle with one of a kind roofing.


Sabtang,09-05-14 122 (2)

An old man tending his cow at Sabtang island.


Sabtang,09-05-14 117 (2)

The Arc or the Nakanmuan Arc


Sabtang,09-05-14 063

The Ivatan stone house


Batan island, Basco - around the island,09-02-14 047

The House of Dakay.


Sabtang,09-05-14 188 (2)

At Chavayan Elem. School. I guess they were having a meeting outside the classroom when I took this photo.


Sabtang,09-05-14 240 (2)

Faluwa boats, early morning at  Sabtang pier.


Sabtang,09-05-14 276

Batanes children are courteous and very respectful to visitors. Together with a police officer who invited me for a very early San Miguel toast which I cannot refuse, these children just came by and got hold of my hand for a “blessing” from me. He,  the police,  gave me a tour of his place and the drinking lasted till night.


Sabtang,09-05-14 110 (2)


Sun, setting in Batanes

  sunset in Basco,Batanes 011 (2)


marking the end, of a busy day

the sun hides itself, further away

tiredness has claimed, of giving light to earth

its time to sleep, tomorrow is a rebirth


the lines are slowly rubbed out, to unseen oblivion

where the sea and sky meet, in the far horizon

though the two don’t touch, further and beyond

Night of darkness will reign, on the sea and land


burning the day, and spending energy

he has it all, and its all for free

the chance is his, of giving it away

awakening the earth, beyond the mountains and bays


center of the solar system, the ball that’s fiery 

he is the hated hell, the pit of impunity

he is the scorching heat, no one should be near

cause he will burn them all, without any fear


dreams won’t prosper, in the deepening trance

awakening the minds,  from the fantasy’s glance

it is always the truth, that there’s a setting sun

and  will always return, never will be gone.