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It has been said that honesty is the best policy. But will it hold true in this shop where no one is checking for your merchandise and the amount you’re paying. Will honesty contribute to the success of the owners of this shop?

During my visit to Batanes island, my guide brought me to a store where no one was tending the place. As the name suggest, Honesty Coffee Shop, you have to be honest when you’re inside this coffee shop. Whatever you buy inside you have to be honest. So for you to fully understand how it works, my experience will tell you.

We, my guide and I entered the store and as a visitor of the place I started looking for someone to attend to us. My guide already knows the ins and outs of the shop. There was a notebook and a ball pen on the table. I looked for coffee, a cup, and a thermos bottle with hot water and some sandwiches.  My guide told me to list down what I bought and the price of each item, the total amount and the date. I dropped my payment in a wooden box. It was an exact amount.

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As we sip our coffee, I can’t help but admire this kind of innovation in this era where modern IT technologies are advancing for the safety of the public. CCTV’s are not needed in the shop  much more, someone who would look after the customers and the shop’s merchandise. Who need those? They are not needed anymore to have an honest to goodness business in this part of the northernmost island of the Philippines. It’s honesty that works perfectly.

But before you dip into the experience you have to bring loose change. No one will give your change if you have a bigger bill. No one will break it to smaller denominations so, be ready or just make your bigger bill  a donation.


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