Maybe you’ll wonder what the “wordpress.com” stickers are doing there in the night sky. This is all I can do, can’t do better than this. After reading the poem, you’ll know why its there. (Grin, not so wide please)


i traveled close to a million miles

each night i saw a different sky

and half way through, i wished i could fly

the stars wrote some letters, i’m dancing like Psi

nights have passed before the trek ends

stars following me  as if they’re my friends

clear as the sky, clouds were behind

a W was written, O next in line

the R was not clear it lacked a slant

next was a D appeared to be pregnant

P with a head or nose like Pinocchio

R this time was handsomely written like Romeo

E, eehhhh, seemed to lie on the dry ground

a snake S appeared, Ssshhh said the sound

now there were two S’s now I can see them 

a little dot . a small c, an o and an m….

It was a cool night and grasping it had a chance

reading them straight, all in a perfect glance

So, I shouted, while the night birds sing along

W  O  R  D  P  R  E  S  S  dot  com… 




**** “Sorry, I mistakenly deleted the picture…but you can create  the whole scene in your imagination.”