Prakash of “It’s PH” blog, our classmate in Writing 201, requested me to give my description of Love in 4 words and in ten sentences, a sort of chain letter, and I agreed.

I thought this is an award nomination for me. I felt excited but it died down slowly. I was looking for prompts and this is an addition to my March list of prompts which I made for myself. I miss the daily prompts of Writing 201 which ended two days ago along side with the stress it gave me. But I survived the course which gained me an inheritance of the knowledge of time management. With this little know-how I acquired from Writing 201, time management was really a factor in making those ends meet. I cook for breakfast then eat, do the marketing, cook for lunch, visiting E-mails, Writing 201 in particular while cooking, eat my lunch, wash the dishes, take a bath, continue the Writing 201 by starting to write stanzas of the day’s prompt. If my mind don’t want to think a little about the topic, then I’ll take a nap. Wake up after an hour, then eat my snacks while in front of Writing 201 monitor. Prepare to go out to pay the monthly bills. Eat my early dinner at the mall. Then Writing 201 again until I’ve finish rewriting, editing, publishing, and sharing. And it’s 2 A.M. And in-between of those afternoon sessions, visitors would come and I would stop what I am doing. Then continue when they have left. That’s the life of being alone left by a partner whose already in heaven.

Nevertheless, I am accepting Prakash’s  ( It’s PH ) offer of sharing Love’s meaning in four words in ten sentences to 12 bros and sis of the just concluded course.

Here’s my  four- words, ten-sentences description of LOVE :

1. Love’s a “money-eating” monster.

2. Love’s a tear factory.

3. Love’s a baby-making machine.

4. Love glued people together.

5. Love makes redder lips.

6. Love’s a hide-and-seek artist.

7. Love’s a rose grower.

8. Love gives you everything.

9. Love interferes with life.

10. Love begets more love.

My quote about LOVE :

Love is the extra effort we make in our dealings with those whom we do not like and once you understand that, you understand all.
by: Quentin Crisp


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