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take me to the sky

together we’ll explore the outer space

where numerous dreams of the human race

soaring high, floating swiftly in a chase


we’ll find the dream, the most believable

factual, realistic, sincere and reachable

whoever it will be, the most lucky dreamer 

felicitously chosen by the dream weaver


not for grandstanding but a firm necessity

not for boasting one’s self but an urgency

this realization don’t come in handy 

it will not be given like a piece of candy


we’ll provide  needed muscle, power and strength

courage and determination needed for the length

the drive, the faith, the modesty and the guts

will cook your dream  to a dish worthy as food of the gods


now the time has come for us to announce

the victor!, the dreamer!, to get his dream amount

five thousand pesos in every drip of sweat you count


the liquid leaving from your skin as they drip

the more you sweat, a bigger prize you get

count the sweat as they drop, and buy a Jet..  


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