The Chaperon of W-201 : My Prompts

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Writing 201 was over and I was getting used to visiting E-mails and reading prompts’ notices everyday during the course. Since prompts served as guide for us, participants,  Ben Huberman’s E-mails served as chaperon. It did not only guide us to the poetic path of composing but lead us how to think poetic and set prompts into poetic writings. The forms and devises to use were there to bring us into temptation of putting ourselves into the seats of seasoned poets and to stitch our necks with a poet’s head and think like poets. There were mistakes and blunders on the publishing and sharing process for the “new beginners” of the course but were fixed in time.  Just like me committing two errors of the same mistake, or the other way around?

Since then, it left a void on my everyday mailings. So, to fill the gap, I made my own schedule of prompts within the month. These would kill the time  thinking what I would write for the day just by looking into my prompts’ schedule of activities. Here’s it is. This is for 10 days only which is good for Week 01.

MY List of Prompts FOR MARCH 2015.
in any form, device

                                                                                 Week  01
Day                                                                     Date published
1 – myself  –                                               to be finished soon
2 – bridge                                                              03/02/2015
3 – waves                                                               03/04/2015
4 – young tree                                                        03/04/2015
5 – dusty road                                                        03/05/201

   6 – old suit                                                             03/06/2015

  1. 7 – old shoes                                                     03/07/2015

8 – * b r e a k*                                                                        –

                9  – standing dead or old tree                                 03/08/2015             –

                    10 – old newspaper                                                  03/09/2015                 –


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