The Old Newspaper : Week 01 : DAY 09 – ( MY PROMPTS )

Lusitania New York Times Newspaper

daily they come loaded with happenings

from country to country they vary in everything

murders and killings, and gatherings of kings

they all have a place for the worldwide billings


artists, actors, actresses, and directors

nurses, fishermen, cooks, and waiters

congressmen,students, teachers, senators,

 presidents, vice presidents, and all legislators


basketball, football, and volleyball

the games they lost and won the impossible

players were proud  but they weren’t able

still happy to be in The Sport Section Table


priests, nuns, and members of the clergies

the Pope, Imams, and the Muslim communities

the police, armies, navies, and air forces

not spared in news when there are abuses


wars, battles, ambuscades and some skirmishes

 medias’ attention is there to throw some punches

prime ministers, ambassadors and secretaries

sooner or later reactions from their emissaries


north to south as well as west to east

everyday’s actions always become a feast

every corner there are ears that exist

paper and pen to report the long lists


events good or bad grow a pair of wings

to fly and land, bite and leave a sting

some would enlighten others to mislead

to hide or emphasize right or wrong deeds


whatever news or articles there maybe 

all the happenings after a century

or earlier than people hear or see

all of these will be part of history