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Bringing my camera wherever and whenever I go could spell  good luck. Inside a Bangkok mall, I think it was Platinum Mall, the name I forgot, loitering around can be a chance to let go with time when I was waiting for a three-hour gap for a scheduled appointment. Feasting my eyes with colors that freaked out as soon as I saw them dazzling in front of my eyes. I didn’t mind what they were, but I just focus on the colors that my eyes has laid on left and right wherever I passed those stores selling personal effects for women. A rainbow of colorful brassieres with matching bikinis would entice me and tempt my pocket to buy something for my sister, sister-in-laws, nieces or mother. Just making a quick stop has invited some curious and unassuming eyes from others, customers and attendants alike and pulling out myself swiftly from the place has got a click from my camera unnoticed.