Reflection, Me. : Week 01 : Day 10 – ( MY PROMPTS )

This was supposed to be my Day 01 but I needed more time to finish it so, I made this as my last prompt instead.



Inspired by Micaiah brought this into being

galvanized emotion dared writing to be conceived

the days rewound and moved into grinding

back where it started none will be deceived



Urban Hiking


The memories when i was young and green

recapturing the thoughts when  I was a teen

 gone were the days  parents have to discipline

correcting my actions most were all routines


Mistakes were almost filling to the brim

all that overflowed they have to skim

young  was I, my wants met resistance

scolded was all i got as their  response


Coming home late were always their  worry

nightly events out with friends and buddies

drinking became my frequent nightly glory

friends and neighbors, nights of social sortie


Curiousity I found why some were groggy

eyes were red their actions were cloudy

my desire to know have intensely grew

’cause i was fed with facts that were so few


I demanded a taste of their super drug

and soon after I became a giant bug

days and nights ran, I was so interested

in other forms I felt my use was limited


Syrups and capsules have hanged my brains

swaying out of my head, and flying in planes

rock, metals, Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith

KISS, Pink Floyd,Deep Purple, andUriah Heep


They became gods that rock us deep

metal sounds to search the space in sleep

the night brought us to cell’s steel embrace

drunk, beer and syrups vandalism was our case


We dreamed the night with shaky spell

prisoners were kind and it wasn’t hell

gave their beds, of cartoon boxes

we were warriors without the bruises


Spent overnight twelve noon we’re out

sleep wasn’t well the food was drought

promised the inmates be back not for a crime

presents i’ll bring for being kind sometime


True to our words and we have returned

our presents as promised showed  our concern

our lesson we’ve learned, served as enlightenment

prisoners too have a heart even  just a fragment