A Friend – Week 02 : Day 02 ( MY PROMPTS )

08-24-14 davao city 017
’twas  a sunshine day 
 his shadow froze to display
the space was always wide
walking  around in white
classes were going on
to talk about the moon
and classes just ended
to see a river bend
the classroom was nowhere
when togetherness reborn
in the middle of somewhere
the Autumn break  unborn
the mountain trek was up
the path were cobblestone
the city’s streets were mud
to bake our bodies’ bone
we found not the money
so we could have a party
we really found the gold
to melt it to the mold
we’re friends to understand
the sentences we spoke
he understood we’re friends
when words of mouth are poke
o, we’re friends, always got us right
but straighten each others  wrongs
to keep us right on track
and tackle every fact
o, we’re friends, always slap our faces
to maintain our usual paces
not to sleep and trace
dreams were made in space
that’s how friends behave
talk each others’ smell
and always ring the bell
before we’re deep in hell
marry him if you will
the love that was instill
but make it all platonic
feelings were all chronic