Bouquet of Pink Roses – Week 02, Day 03 : ( My Prompts )


if one flower would mean, to be a sign

that your pure heart  will be, and truly mine

then i’ll give you this, bouquet of roses

so you will know, that my love is endless


why didn’t I choose red, to be the color

to symbolize my love, of eternal fervor

red is flaming, am afraid you too will burn

without you feeling my true love, in return


and why didn’t I give you, the color white

to symbolize purity,  you didn’t tell me  lies

white is clean, and I’ve known you quite well

you’re pure in heart, a virgin don’t go to hell


so the color that suits you, i’m sure is pink

to mean neutrality, always ready with instinct

not burning in red, pure and clean with white

bouquet of pink, at home you’re always Right




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