SNOW – Week 02, Day 07 : ( MY PROMPTS )

My seventh day prompt, Snow, seems to be difficult to write about.  I haven’t experience nor seen snow but, only in pictures, TV, and movies. I’ve remembered my classmates in college have said that snow was like the frost in the freezer. So, I checked my ref’s freezer but there’s no “snow”. I think it’s in the older types of refs that have “snow” on the freezer’s walls and sides. Mine is the newer model, a “no defrost” one.

Ah! I have an idea. I have to make “snow”. I have some left over fruit cocktail juice last night.  I’ll put it in the freezer, in can.

After four hours of waiting, the juice hardened and I have to scrape it using a spoon. So, there it was. I have a delicious sweet “snow”. Now I have to begin writing before it melts. Here’s the concocted snow and the poem, my Day 07 prompt.

s_e29_38301319 (1)
where in the world could i possibly touch snow
the real one
i’ve learned, places near poles, north and south
frequented by sun
countries on the equator don’t experience the fun
to play around on snow before the day is done
but  in bigger malls, they recreate the laughter
enjoying the fun with shouts and whispers
 snow taste like water made into ice
like frost in the freezer, scraping, a sacrifice
but i’ve made mine and taste delicious
sweeter  but a bit nebulous
they ski on snow, Arabs on sands
we miss the snow, they miss the land
they’ll see the colors, waiting for springtime 
for flowers to bloom, maturing trees to climb
like your love i already know
summertime is the peak of snow
and the sun doesn’t even glow 
finding myself buried below
springtime is always there
to rush the snow somewhere
so I could lead the thriving waters
to where it should bend the gutters
i’ll be waiting for the day
for the dry and arid winds to stay
and blow the chilling  spell away 
melting my snow in glass, driven faraway

5 thoughts on “SNOW – Week 02, Day 07 : ( MY PROMPTS )

  1. I can completely relate to this!
    I have loved snow since the time I learnt to spell snow! 😀
    When I was about 4-5 years old, I thought snow and salt were the same, ended up emptying an entire packet of it on the floor and dug my fingers in it, hoping that I would feel the chill and when nothing happened, was visibly perplexed! Though got a sound scolding from my Ma thanks to that stunt! 😛

    And I still haven’t had the opportunity to see/feel/experience snow, but I do think of how it must feel 🙂

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    • now, that you already know what snow looks like and feel, would you go to other colder countries and experience what it’s like to be playing in snow or you’re already there in the snow…thanks for reading my post….

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