“Mickey Mouse” Grows On Pots


Kilometers of dirt road, hilly climbs where knees meet your jaw, a river, waterfalls, boulders, grassy land, a not so thick forest, a brook until we reached this garden patch of ornamental plants on a plain land. It was a refresher sight. After those strenuous and exhausting trek, this was what we found.  An oasis of greens among those unpaved paths. There were plenty of flowering species and ornamental plants that met our eyes but these ones caught my immersion to the rurals. They call it the “Mickey Mouse” plant. Obviously, the fruit resembles that of mickey’s head, thus, the name. I haven’t opened one fruit but, my guide said that it’s like an eggplant. For cultivation, they plant the stalks but, I’ve learned later that mature seeds can be propagated.


These are the same kind but round in shape. They can be an excellent ornamentals at home. The owners of this garden also sell mineral water and some soft drinks for the thirsty visitors. We rested for a while for there’s still kilometers of hiking. And what were we visiting? What were we trying to see?


These are just some of the spewed materials from Kanlaon volcano. Boulders as big as me blocked our way. I was sure we’re nearing our purpose or a kilometer more of the disappearing trail? No, said my guide as he held my hand for a plunged down the boulder. After we took our hundred steps more, I could hear the sounds. Yes, the sounds were getting louder, roaring, intense, and powerful. But we have one more obstruction to cross.  A river. It was perfect for I wore  rubber shoes. There’s a plight of bamboo  stairs and the climb would be the last. And there it was! Magnificent!



The thirst quencher, coconut juice in its freshest form. Ahh! Delicious. The day was a little bit cold because of the drizzles and taking a plunge at the pool of the 7th Falls, the last of the waterfalls of the Mambukal  Resort, was not prudent enough to do so.

My visit was after a month Yolanda has lightly battered Negros and we have to bypass Falls #6 due to impassable and slippery route because of fallen trees and landslides.




There was an easier way to the 7th Falls if it is your only choice of visit. You can ride a motorcycle and through the same route you go your way up to the river only, and from there, it’s only a short walk to the 7th Falls.  But if you wish to experience a little hardship and don’t want to miss the beauty of nature, you go the long way. Visit all the falls and stop over for a photo worth remembering.


If you want to stay for a night and experience what it’s like in the woods when darkness falls, there are guesthouses for rent. Get up early and catch the break of dawn.



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