I Love You, Still… ( Free Verse )

with all your rotten explanations
and all  your twisted reasons
i’m tight-lipped for now
i’ve absorbed the shock
of your tongue lashing
i’ve endured the pain of the cut
you slashed on me
i’ve returned the joint that
you dislocated on my wrist
but for now i’ve kept my silence
i’ve washed down the dirt that
you splashed on my face
you bumped me with your car
and never looked back
till an upcoming motorcycle hit me hard
i was thrown twenty meters away 
but i’ve talked to no one about it
you kicked me  and there i came rolling  
12 steps down the stairs
you forced me to eat a hundred minced red peppers
until I exploded like a bomb
my ears, my nose and mouth, you stuff it with onion rings
until my tears leaked from my eyes
then you dropped me in the pool 7 feet deep, and i’m only 5’4”
i didn’t know how to swim
and one thing more, the lasting mark on my chest
you ironed it, don’t you want to see it now?
all you’ve done to me, i just keep them to myself
and today i’ve made my visit
on your grave site with our son
and your grandson tagging along
i will decide now and
i’ve decided that…
i will love you still
despite i nearly died, i love you more 
and i will love you ’till the end of time…
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“what would you say, son?
say hello to grandma…!”