“I saw the plane that crashed into the restaurant” – ( Tour of Davao City, Mati City, Davao Oriental, Philippines )


08-25-14 Mati 099 (3)

The first time I saw this, I insisted to drop by. I was really curious about the airplane crashing into the roof of the establishment. Visitors passing will surely take a glimpse of this “come on” publicity stunt of this watering hole in Davao city, south of the Philippines.

I just came from a tour with a rented car and a driver in the province of Davao Oriental, specifically the city of Mati. They have fine white sand beaches there comparable with the known ones today. It was a tiring but a very pleasant and enjoyable travel I had. Beautiful and green sceneries along the way were awesomely inviting. Spending a short time in every locale that I visited  was a temporary option as some need a little longer time to stay. And as such, we will be returning to Davao in the later hours of the afternoon.  All the beautiful scenes were chewed and tourist spots were all photographed in my mind and with my camera.

It was raining then and roads were quite slippery. But it didn’t hamper our travel back to Davao where I was billeted at a downtown hotel. Arriving was a little bit too early as we passed on several sites worth seeing and an early dinner with my driver/tour guide. Our meal was spent here, at this airplane-struck establishment. As they claimed it, they have the best grilled pork chop in town. So, we ordered it with some other side dishes and drinks. Soon after, our one-for-the-road went sky-is-the-limit beer contest between us two.  After hours of downing several bottles, my driver’s agency called and reminded him of the 12 MN delivery of the rented car. I told him to drive slowly as we have drank nearing our limits.

I was red as a pepper. My face was like a made-up Japanese doll. Red. Without bragging myself, I have some percentage of the Spanish blood running in my system. Ha,ha ! And that was it. He dropped me at my hotel and the rented car was safely delivered to the  rent-a-car agency.

Here are some photos of the travel.

08-25-14 Mati 104 (2)

The pilot of the plane hanging at the ceiling.

08-25-14 Mati 004 (3)

Palm-tree-lined  highway leading to Tagum City

08-25-14 Mati 013 (2)

The welcome arch at the national highway, Davao Oriental


08-25-14 Mati 029 (2)

The welcome Arch of Mati City


08-25-14 Mati 020 (2)

At Banaybanay, border of Davao Oriental and  Compostela Valley


08-25-14 Mati 060 (2)

 At the Subangan Provincial Museum, Davao Oriental


08-25-14 Mati 062 (2)

 08-25-14 Mati 058 (2)

 08-25-14 Mati 093 (2)

08-24-14 davao city 042 Statue of David, Davao City


08-24-14 davao city 053

 Japanese tunnel, Davao city  (with my driver/tour guide)

.08-25-14 Mati 048 (4)

White sand beach,  Mati, Davao Oriental



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