13 - 1
I utter …
coming from my chest
and into my throat
and to my mouth
digesting them
then they’re thrown out
by my honey-layered tongue
into the air
and they circulate
words that are heart-friendly
ready to reverberate
all the apostrophes
the punctuation marks
the commas, exclamation marks
the dashes, the periods
the question marks
and all the letters
of the alphabet
arranged into words,
sentences, questions,
paragraphs, stanzas,
proverbs, sayings and others 
ready to be caught 
by your eardrums
but aren’t they enough
to make you understand,
realize and accept
that this heart will fill your
emptiness, the void, the crack,
even the cavity of your teeth
will be brimming with fullness
just let me catch the time
the slippery chance which
is unreachable at this unsure spell
let the echo of my words that strikes
every wall, surfaces and sides
that enclose my heart’s beatings
will always be the charming witness
of my soul searching for your Love.



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