I pissed on my bed last night…

Dahilayan Gardens 097
i dived into her life
i was met by a splash
i thought it was my prize
only to realize
i pissed on my bed last night
because i was dreaming
of a beautiful girl
i asked something routine
as i kissed her on her lips
she swallowed me whole
but i struggled inside her
to free myself soonest
she freed me at last
only to find me out
from her chicken ass
so i shouted at her
why did you let me pass
from your sewage of broth
i’m supposed to be out
from  your busy bad mouth
so i have awaken
from this lake of urine
i wanted to dive again
to be swallowed back
and exit in another opening
but the sun has risen
and i’m late for work
tomorrow i’ll sleep again
and i won’t forget something
beside me is a metal bin