“Loveless” Love Letter & The Break – up : NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 04

So today, I challenge you to write a “loveless” love poem. Don’t use the word love! And avoid the flowers and rainbows. And if you’re not in the mood for love? Well, the flip-side of the love poem – the break-up poem – is another staple of the poet’s repertoire. If that’s more your speed at present, try writing one of those, but again, avoid thunder, rain, and lines beginning with a plaintive “why”? Try to write a poem that expresses the feeling of love or lovelorn-ness without the traditional trappings you associate with the subject matter.

i did not write letters about you and me
but i gave you a ring
i did not  let you know about what i felt for you
but i gave you mangoes green
i did not send you Valentine’s and Christmas cards
but i bought you chocolates and ice cream
i did not sleep in your house
though i want  you 24/07
 i did not pay your electric bills
but i bought scented candles for lights
just in case  a black out  would happen on the block
these were all i’ve done for you
and these happen throughout the year
these were all i could do
just to let you know i  care…

The Break-up

( Written on my T – shirt ).

( printed at the front ) Read at the back :    (  printed at the back  )  I lost her ! I’m free…