Tawi-Tawi Adventure – Photo Tour, Tourism : Week 03, Day 10

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The coastline was somewhat parallel to the road networks but in some areas the road goes a little strayed to the heavily greened portion of the island. There was this highway with sign posts at the center of the road and at the end was an unmanned checkpoint. From Sanga-Sanga airport, I took a tricycle with a Tausug driver/guide.



Wherever you see a red flag flying, it is where the leader of the barangay lives. It is his home, not a working office.



The concrete figure of the Star and Crescent symbol in one of the buildings in Tawi-Tawi.



DPWH Dept. of Public Works and Highways building, ARMM office.



Behind this mound, up on the hill is the Tawi-Tawi Capitol building, a Muslim inspired architecture.



Mindanao State University, Tawi-Tawi



Guardians of the Philippines’ southern seas, Philippine Coast Guard boat anchored at Bongao Pier. I also saw this at Coron Port.


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Bongao pier


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At the old Chinese pier, a daily sight.


Tawi-Tawi Provincial Capitol at the background, up on the hill.



Muslim Mosque


DPWH Mosque



Dried  fish at the pier



Bongao Hapi Shopping Center



Concrete road artery connects Bongao to other islands or islets.



Trekking Tawi-Tawi’s iconic peak, Bud Bongao, which did not materialize, was a frustration. The plane’s schedule was every other day going to Zamboanga and that will alter my itinerary. I still have to proceed to Basilan and delaying further would mean absences from work. Although the Basilan trip was only an inclusion to the whole trip, it was also a test of bravery. Going solo to Basilan was dangerously unnerving.




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  1. Like the houses on stilts over the water; reminds me of a Hong Kong fishing village; and the colour of the water. Not sure why Basilan was dangerous. Is it because of insurgency issues that have plagued parts of the Philippines?

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