Culion Leper Colony, Palawan, Philippines : Photo Tour, Tourism – Week 03, Day 12

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My side trip to Culion Leper Colony, an island near Coron was a rewarding one. At first I was hesitant to pursue my plan but I have to take the chance for it was really on my itinerary. Besides, I still have enough time for the trip.

As my observation would suggests, Culion is alive and growing. There are some projects going on. The road encircling the island is being concreted and nearly done as well as, the wharf. There are a number of hostels or lodging houses for visitors. Some families turned their houses into grocery stores because of the generous influx of tourists. There is an academy, in front of the church, and a hospital which caters to patients of non-emergency cases. It also serves as a sanitarium for leper patients but, during my visit, there was none. As we went around on foot, I observed that middle income families use satellite disks for  their TV viewing.

I need to find one leper patient before we go back to Coron but, there’s none. I want to see the disease ‘though it is mildly infectious.




Culion Catholic church…


Culion from afar before we docked at the wharf…