“Song of my Life”


this is the song of my life
freezing cold, burning bright
happy but seen as sad
victor but they see me bad
people behind they do care
pulled my feet when i’m up there
but when i started tumbling down
on top of them i fell
they were crushed and emotions ran like hell
i stood up but  the crown has fell
but still the crown was in my hands
and i put it back on my head
 i returned from where up there
“Hello, I’m here”, to them I stared…

“Sweat” – A Pastoral Poem – NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 22

The view from the restaurant of Villa Igang Resort...
drips of sweat can’t soak the field
where flakes of soil remained upturned
the blade of the plow turned to shield
from stones underneath the sun has scorned
the man has burned his skin to dark
like the earth that receives the rays of gold
sweat not enough from one man to start
to grow a single blade of grass in cold
unfriendly skies, unmindful clouds
waters of oceans, seas, and lakes
their dreams have withered, gave in a drought
wheat, rice and corn, their land have caked…

Versatile Blogger Award



These, my 3rd and my 4th awards as a blogger. These two awards, Versatile Blogger Award, and The Versatile Blogger Award, being the latest are thru the courtesies of two people, namely:

1) themissiontomars, www.themissiontomars.wordpress.com   ;  and 

2) Nimi Naren, of Simple Moments of Life, http://www.simplemomentsoflife.wordpress.com,

Thank you for being so kind. Please visit their sites and enjoy their creativity of their works.

img_1924              versatile-blogger

The rulebook for this award says:

• First of all,give the link and name of the blogger who nominated you, in your post.
• Secondly,give 7 facts about you.
• Lastly,nominate 15 bloggers for the same.


About me :

1) As of this writing, I have amassed these things, still in counting : a) 4,850 views    b) 384 WordPress followers   c) 176 FB followers   d) 167 twitter followers  e) 252 Posts  f) 89 categories  g) 1,895 tags  with 534 comments

I don’t know what will happen with my posts once it reaches 500.  Can i beg for an answer? Anyone, please…

2) Me encanta viajar a las islas.

3) Me encanta escribir poemas.

4) Cantar es parte de mi, especialmente karaoke cantando.

5) I started blogging in 2013 but only for a couple of days because of my job. I retired from work in July 2014  and started blogging again in the middle of Oct. 2014.  So, that made my blogging experience to 6 months. My wordpress.com blog altered my sleeping habit to 3 AM.

6) Soy el tipo de persona tranquilo.

7) Viajo solo.

y mis nominados son:

por :   themissiontomars  and  Simple Moments of Life



1. fromheretothere – http://www.malleestanlley.wordpress.com

2. semra Polat – http://www.yabakientelbaki.wordpress.com

3. travelingtheworldsolo – http://www.wwellend.worldpress.com

4. silentdugood – http://www.silentdugood.wordpress.com

5. roamulofied – http://www.roamulofied.wordpress.com

6. inlovewithwords – http://www.sandraconner.wordpress.com

7. oceanswater – http://www.foreverdreamingoflove.wordpress.com

8. houseofheart – http://www.a-heart-a-fire.wordpress.com

9. lilisalca – http://www.lilisalca.wordpress.com

10. jixifox – http://www.jixifox.com        ;    www.jixifox.me

11. sanjeet – http://www.sanjeetv.wordpress.com

12. thepassiondew – http://www.thepassiondew.wordpress.com

13. thespiritkeepers – http://www.seeingthewhisper.wordpress.com

14. leonkwasikuntouasare – http://www.leonkwasikuntouasareblog.wordpress.com

15.  johnflanagan – http://www.johnpoetflanagan.wordpress.com

Congratulations to everyone !