I shared fortytwowrites with prompts and he used it for this touching poem.
If you are the son/daughter of this lifeless man on the sidewalk would you blamed your government?
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The city sounds faded to silence
muffled by the fresh snow
it settled and encrusted 
any stationary object

in a desolate doorway
an old man
was coldly consumed by its touch
and faded to silence

the city woke the next morning
birds sang, ships entered and left port
the tide turned twice
the old man was a stationary object

the next day
by chance passing pouch
investigated the stationary object
it’s owner was aghast

it held a cardboard sign
“will work for food”
his wallet contained not money
but old photographs

each of father and two sons
a section ripped from every image
and one of a young man in uniform
society faded to silence

Forty Two
© Forty Two, all rights reserved

Author Notes

Picture Credit :

Thank you to The Hut Owner Blog for the prompts “old photographs” “i’m hungry” and “father” you can view the…

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“The Hut Owner” – A Clerihew, NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 25

And now for our prompt (optional, as always)! It’s the weekend, so I’d thought we might go with something short and just a bit (or a lot) silly – the Clerihew. These are rhymed, humorous quatrains involving a specific person’s name. You can write about celebrities, famous people from history, even your mom (hopefully she’s got a good name for rhyming with).

the hut owner blog
sleeps everyday like a log
when he wakes up in the morning
his saliva is still dripping