Mactan, Cebu, Philippines


While in Cebu, dine at Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant located at Day-as, Cordova, Mactan, Cebu. They have a lot to offer when it comes to native foods. You’ll surely enjoy their hospitality as some of the actors and actresses of the country have experienced while they were in Cebu. We, too have the chances of tasting the quality of their foods. It was amazingly delicious! I’ll be back.





DSC00189 (3)


* This is how it looks like during daytime. (Photo from Lantaw FNRFB )*



We  visited Isla Resort & Spa and the Casino. To play with the gambling machines were not in our itinerary, besides, we don’t know how to operate those.  We were briefed that the casino is owned by Koreans and it’s no wonder most of its patrons were Korean nationals and the gambling machines were all made in Korea, not the North. There were free drinks  while we toured around and coffee while we conversed at the table. Too bad,  picture taking inside was prohibited.

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