a grandma deserves to be loved and remembered…

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tigb. & retro 09-29-14 018

wrinkled and loosened skin, she was bodily wrapped

her beauty and grace still, are obviously intact

signs of the years of  generations’ past

the glitter of her youth, had turned to dust

 some wonderful memories have slowly fade

into the bosom of infancy of the second stage

names and events to us she could not narate

how she returned home the other night late

every pleat of the skin, the creases in her hands

every color of the hair, every white of the strands

it echoed her past that brought history to life

the act of survival came from her heroic strife

she has lived her life with dignity  to survive

the chances of living, she  fought deep inside

showers of love and the care she never did hide

the wisdom she left meant the tears she had cried

it was fun listening to her, my great grandmother 

she brought…

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