Camiguin Island, Philippines – Photo Tour, Tourism


How embarrassing was the two hour flight delay could get the better of you when it caused  some disastrous consequences on your itinerary.  I was late for the last trip of the ferry going to Camiguin Island which emanated from my late arrival at Cagayan de Oro city airport.  I decided to go direct to Camiguin  though the ferry has already left for the island. Hiring a taxi  for the jump off point which is in Balingoan, Misamis Oriental was the best option I could take at that time. It was already dark and it seemed we were the only vehicle traveling at those witching hours of the night.
The dark surroundings made it hard for the driver to locate where the Balingoan wharf really was and, the only way was to ask anyone on the road whenever there’s a chance of inquiring. He was quite familiar with the highway scenes during the day but, it was a different thing at night time as there were a few electric lights that lined the roadside. There were more stretches of kilometers of lightless open spaces than lighted shoulders of roads and houses combined which made me call for some saints in the heavens. It was so scary travelling in unfamiliar places in the dull of night.
After hours and hours of sitting at the front seat which was intermittently muddled by his stories of family squabbles, my meandering mind got to suspect him of taking me a ride into  believing him which I was cynical about. While we were on a very slow mode of driving into a populated area, a drunk man got into the rear of the taxi making me feel it was a confirmation of my suspicion of a prelude to a hold-up. I got hold of my backpack from the rear seat and placed it  with me in the front.
As my eyes grew its sharp edges to form arrows and spears, I was alert all the times. I kept on turning my head  at the back seat to an angle I haven’t done in my whole life. As their conversation was going on, it took its toll but rang a bell in my ears. The taxi’s rear tire got into a hole deep enough to hold it in place for forty-five minutes or more. The driver gave more push to the accelerator making louder noise and smoke to the surrounding  attracting a considerable number of people to the scene. Help was done and the taxi was freed from the cavity. Whether I was right or wrong about my suspicion of the driver to be in cahoots with the drunk man, I was thankful of the incident.
And to make the effort and the time more worthy of spending, I asked those people where I could get a boat for a fee and sail to Camiguin in the deep of the night. It was quite extravagant to sail on the high price given but I need to be there on that night for I haven’t reserved any accommodation yet. Soaked in salty water, I arrived safely at Mambajao, Camiguin’s capital town. I hired a motorcycle with the driver as guide at the pier and scouted for my accommodation.
Resorts near the beach were fully booked and my last chance of being accommodated was at the Camiguin Highlands Hotel & Resort, still more than eight kilometers away from the pier and up on a hill.   In the morning, we began the journey.

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 Friendly divers of Camiguin became my buddies after they assisted my visit at the Cross of the Sunken Cemetery. Shown in the photo, me with sunglasses, Camiguin Divers treated me with whisky and waited for the soon-to-be-cooked grilled chicken.


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Katibawasan Falls – at the foot of Mt. Timpoong measures 250 feet high.

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 White Island – a sand bar, just a kilometer off shore and the only white sand island in Camiguin where beaches are of gray volcanic sand.  At the back ground is Mt. Hibok-Hibok, the only active volcano in Camiguin.524616_322623601198755_1876930503_n (4)
There are no permanent structures on White island sandbar as it is sometimes submerged during high tide.
Not posted is Ardent Hot Spring. I lost the picture.

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Sto. Niño Cold Spring

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Camiguin Highlands Resort & Hotel