Sun, setting in Batanes

Batanes is really beautiful, a place where visitors become poets as they set foot on the island…

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  sunset in Basco,Batanes 011 (2)


marking the end, of a busy day

the sun hides itself, further away

tiredness has claimed, of giving light to earth

its time to sleep, tomorrow is a rebirth


the lines are slowly rubbed out, to unseen oblivion

where the sea and sky meet, in the far horizon

though the two don’t touch, further and beyond

Night of darkness will reign, on the sea and land


burning the day, and spending energy

he has it all, and its all for free

the chance is his, of giving it away

awakening the earth, beyond the mountains and bays


center of the solar system, the ball that’s fiery 

he is the hated hell, the pit of impunity

he is the scorching heat, no one should be near

cause he will burn them all, without any fear


dreams won’t prosper, in the deepening trance

awakening the minds…

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