“Let Me Stay A Bit Longer” – ( Free Verse )

Can you let me stay for a while?….

the hut owner blog


i’d like to stay a bit longer
to gather dreams
from the trees where dreams are colorful
from the river where they are serene
from the sky where they are a tall order
from the breeze where lullabyes sway as it pat the trees
from the fallen leaves where yesterdays await their resting place
from the rocks where revenge is a story
or from the grasses where love is nurtured
by the morning dew drops to bloom
or from the sun where there are no nights
or from the sound of the crickets when twilight bites
tell me where to start
or i will write about the stupid moon
why she’s there above and just glances at us here below
or about the stars hanging up there
is there no one to shoot them there?
oh, they’re the ones shooting themselves
crazy shooting stars!
and what about the clouds

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