My Mao Inspired Old Suit Holds the Past : Day 06 – ( My Prompts )

old suit and the story it holds…

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memories do come in unexpected ways

daily chores sometimes lead the deal of days

treasured memories I have some recollection

in a pile of clothes one made a connection


I did not search but it just came along

the suit inspired by the late leader Mao Tse Tung

a collarless one in  long sleeves style

worn  in China, the land far by the miles


a tear fell when I touched the priceless suit

’cause flashback of the past i was deeply bruised

i lent it to a friend to wear on my wedding day

a friend of my childhood that went astray


I hold the suit and pressed it against my chest

feeling the warmth of the past ’till I was depressed

then scenes of yore came rushing to my mind

unwinding the years back when I was a child


succumbed to addiction of some dreaded…

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