Elderly woman crying

the reason for crying
is not always sadness
not always from gloom
or pain from a physical wound
the pain from a broken bone
nor a stab from a sharpened stone
dirt from a stow away dust
or the arm’s unintentional thrust
your eyes get the go
for the summer tears to flow 
winter death of a kin you grieve
eyes in sorrow, tears in speed
the absence of a midnight glow
and the anguish that was left
the traces of a deep seated hurt
laughter was dry and locked instead
happiness, too, can make you shed
some tears are happy, some tears are sad
tears of joy, a little bit of tenderness
joy with tears is more than happiness

12 thoughts on “Tears

    • again, thank you very much…sadness is not the only source and reason why we shed tears…there are reasons why tears readily flow suggesting of what we feel…thanks for your time!


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