“One Wrong Step and You’re Dead”

 NAIA, Batanes-09-2,3-2014 184 (2)

I don’t know where this goat passed to get there. One wrong step and she’s dead down the highway. She was looking for green grasses for food. Do you see the goat up on the side of the rocky mountain? Photo taken in one of the dangerous curves of the mountain in Sabtang island in Batanes going to the remote barangay of Chavayan in the Philippines.  We had a short stop to see this wonderful view. To the right side down is overlooking the ocean.


7 thoughts on ““One Wrong Step and You’re Dead”

  1. Goats are pretty agile and steady footed. It reminds me of the Canadian Mountain goats when you see them your heart stops as you said that the fatal leap is imminent. and they go from one steep ledge to another. no rhyme or reason.

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