“LOVE AND HATE CHALLENGE” – i am an invitee of OAPlascencia to do this challenge!

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I love to write poetry while i eat
love cooking while i sing
love the beach while traveling
love   the highway driving
all the vehicles in front of me
i enjoy catching them, overtaking
the loving arms of being alone
compliments the quietness
of my beloved lap-top
being my strength and backbone
lest i forget
the love of photography
serviced by my camera
recording what i have done
in my life, so on, etcetera…


but this dare isn’t complete
without mentioning the petty negatives
same thing with this matriarchal challenge
Love and Hate, the scene thru my lens
hate to be in a crowd
where people i don’t know
no one to speak and listen to
and have my own tongue to chew
hating just come unexpectedly
against people who talk much
falsehood is their own forte
loosening the knot, trying to be free
hating to see a cockroach
fly, spiders inside the house
snakes, rats and those little mouse
eating a bowl of my bean sprouts
hate to be caught in a traffic jam
hate people arriving as  late as I am
time is of the essence in every walk
being late, making alibi is a nonsense talk
So, here they are my Love/Hate Challenge
Hope you’ll enjoy the best, of my little knowledge !


This Love/Hate ~ Challenge was thrown to me by Oscar Alejandro Plascencia of https://oaplascencia.wordpress.com/.

I’d like to thank him  for nominating me for this wonderful challenge which tells something about yourself’s loves and hates.  Visit his blog where he’s always “blogging about things extraordinary”. Immerse yourself in his blog and try swimming along with his posts.

**This challenge requires a list of ten things you love and ten things you hate. Nominate ten ( 10 ) bloggers to do this challenge and let them know of your nominating them about it. You can do it in any form, poetry, essay, enumeration, etc. and do your best. **

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