NAIA, Batanes-09-2,3-2014 216 (2)
House of Dakay, Batanes, Philippines
from the start, the Love of my high
Syrups for cough and capsules then
’cause they made me laugh all day
now i don’t love them
Rocks and Metals, the sounds in my mind
strumming and striking all of a kind
Guitars and Drums echoed in my ears
bands are playing hiding my fears
salt and pepper
onions and ginger 
soups and paste
done not in haste
i write my mind
out where they hide
in today’s lap-tops
escaping from blots
holding a microphone
voice in beautiful tone
as i  blurt out a song
it echoed thru the stone
far and wide i fly
mountains and hills i dive
but into the seas and lakes
i finally traced the LIKES…